dj markus winter

you heard it at the radio, saw it at the tv show – markus winter a whizkid from munich - official egoFM DeeJay - producer of club bangers like „Electro love song"(Swings Records), „Juicy Fruit", „Rock Steady", „The ace"(Kontor records).......remixer of tracks like jean claude ades „i begin to wonder", - producer and dj blizzard – also known as turntable hurrican – sets every dancefloor on fire – he´s rockin.. till the wheels fall of – plays his set with an awesome soundpressure – he let your head bangin..and boogie..s your feet - he pushes tribalistictechnotronicminimaltodeepclubelectronic together to a phenomenal housemusic puzzle, never heard - watch out for his new single- „Kalinda"(Interlabel)– his beats sound like massive bassdrums, punching snares and incredible basslines to move your ass - traveled around the globe with his magic hands and his significant sound – played at places like moscow, kuala lumpur, rome. riga, tallin, bukarest, vilnius, zürich and dont forget berlin & munich – to name but a few – he got..s the masterplan behind the decks – a party without that wizard isnt a party - the guy who runs the Atomic Hoagie Shop – he climbs up to the undefeated heavyweight champion – he never stopps – and wont stopp - that beats everything!

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