Philipp Kroth

Philipp Kroth – an absolutely passionate DJ and performer. He has been musically active for 13 years with well known DJ’s like Sabastian Leger, Paul Kalkbrenner, Oxia, Da Pyke, Justus Köhnecke and the old German techno legend Claus Bachor.
He has the musical genes of his mother who toured through Europe with the musical ‘’Hair’’. In 1983, 2 hours after his birth, he produced his first sounds with his vocal cords. He is a passionate DJ who goes at his work wholeheartedly and made his first acquaintance with the piano at the age of 4.
At 15 Hip Hop caught his interest whereby he started with his first attempts at using turntables, but found no excitement in scratching. He obtained a Roland Groovebox from a friend and started constructing his first beats.
The enthusiasm for hip hop faded at 19, whereon a 3-year long musical recess followed in order to discover his true love for electro/house/techno at the age of 22. One thing led to another and he got to know a good friend who worked in a bar as a DJ. At home Philipp Kroth, a.k.a. Phil Harmony, seized the opportunity to try out the house records of his current DJ partner. After only 2-3 hours he had almost seamless passages thereon.
Today he performs the raging choice of tracks more uniquely than ever before.
That’s why he has performed music passionately and professionally for 13 years now and his world class skills belong without exception to the best.
In 2008 he started his series of ‘’Junky Monkey’’ events in Ba Ba Lu (Munich), where in 1991 techno legends like DJ Hell, DJ Woody, Westbam, Sven Väth, Dr. Motte and DJ Good passed the disks themselves, as well as where Monika Kruse had her first gigs.
Many different types of appearances followed his first year as well as Munich club appearances: the famous P1, Rote Sonne, Baby!, Ba Ba Lu, HEART, Prinzip, Ampere, Appartment 11, Praterinsel, Pimpernel and 8 Seasons, with which he created in record time a name for himself in the Bavarian capital. Further self produced electronic live acts (KorgESX1, microKorgxl) followed in the clubs Prinzip, Pimpernel and Ampere. There were trips in 2009 to Thailand, Ko Phangan in Backyard/Full Moon Party as well as to Marburg in the Secret Garden with Da Pyke and Aj Halo. He won the Movida Corona Contest in 2001 in Munich and flew to Berlin where he performed in the Department Club.
Eventually his trip took him to the “Löwen zum Bären” and into the middle of the Berlin club scene. During his one year guest performance he excited the crowds in the Arena Club and in the famously notorious Kater Holzig. Luckily the return trip ticket was not redeemed yet, because shortly after that he went back to his homeland near the Alps. An entirely special highlight followed in the summer of 2012. A gig at the Nature One Festival (Pydna) in the framework of the Armageddon Project – Bootcamp, where he really heated up the techno/house followers with his deep, satisfying beats and melodies entirely loyal to his passion and motto: ‘’Make people happy, for the moment, with music.’’

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